A Price For Wisdom

...Weston A. Price, to be exact. What he could teach us about the spirit of the Word of Wisdom! He was the intrepid dentist who, in the 1920s, set out around the world to find the answer to the question of why he was seeing a degradation of good health and physical perfection in his patients of the rising generation. He visited places that had remained untouched by what he called "the displacing foods of modern commerce" (things like white flour, white sugar and vegetable oils - which should really be called seed oils). 

What he found was that peoples eating their native, whole foods diet had extremely good facial structure and teeth as well as excellent health. He also noted that when individuals from the communities he studied ventured into areas connected to the commercial network and began to eat a commercial diet, their health decreased and the children had by them did not have the broad facial structure and good teeth that their native kinsmen had previously enjoyed. Faces got narrower. Teeth became crowded in the mouth and required braces. The rate of tuberculosis (a killer at the time) skyrocketed.  

 Compare the narrow lower third of the face on the left to the wide fully-formed face on the right. Same potential, differing diet.

Compare the narrow lower third of the face on the left to the wide fully-formed face on the right. Same potential, differing diet.

He wanted to know what those with healthy, broad faces were eating! He wrote about twelve different isolated communities he had visited, from Switzerland to Polynesia to Peru. Their diets were different, yet contained a common theme: nutrient dense animal foods. He did not find a single incidence of healthy-offspring-producing populations that ate only plant foods. And there were special animal foods revered by each culture for their ability to ensure the ease of delivery of beautiful children, such as organ meats and the bright orange butter of cows eating new pasture in the Spring. These kinds of foods gave expectant mothers the building materials of sufficient quality to create healthy bodies for their children.   

I'm not going to lie. The first thing I thought of when I heard about Dr. Price's work was about how interested I'd be to see myself if I had been put together with sufficiently better materials. My orthodontist had to pull FOUR OF MY TEETH before I even got my braces on so that my smile would fit into my head. The thought shifted my focus to the resurrection, when we will be put back together again with either celestial, terrestrial or telestial building materials, depending on what our spirits are equipped to support, right? And according to an undamaged blueprint (thinking DNA, here). I think about what a disservice I have done to my own children, having conceived them while trying my dutiful best to adhere to the low-fat diet advanced by those donning the white labcoats and credentials of a false priesthood.

Does our diet influence our ability to live righteously? Dr. Price was very interested in how nutrient dense foods affected the morals of society. He was struck with the fact that the prisons of his day were not filled with the physically "robust," but the "frail, sickly and infirm." (W.A. Price, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, pg. 15). I wonder what he would think of the pandemic of sexual deviancy we are seeing today (there is ample evidence that physical factors such as environmental pollutants play a hand there.) Or what about the plummeting of faith in the true and living God? Is there a physical degeneration that is keeping pace with or maybe even preceding a spiritual one?

Dear Adversary, you currently have us in a tight position, physically and nutritionally and, if I were you, I couldn't have planned it any better. Inspiring scientists to make it so that even the God-ordained "staff of life" can't be tolerated by growing numbers of individuals? Genius. (Monsanto, and every other man-made plague contributing to leaky gut, you've got the job done - wheat is now the enemy!). Using your minions to facilitate the astronomical rise in the price of living so that scraping by requires, more and more often, a second income? Stroke of brilliance. Keep the moms...heck, even the grandma's busily employed for a taxable wage outside of the home so that they have to go buy the kind of kibble you endorse, instead of making real food for their families. I see what you're doing there with the mandatory vaccination agenda and I've got to hand it to you...pretty soon you will have managed to get every single body, gifted by God himself, to fight against itself (hello, autoimmunity). What a terrifyingly poetic triumph. 

Still think the takeaway from the Word of Wisdom found in D&C 89 is about how much of the “flesh...of  beasts and of the fowls of the air” (ie. Lean meat) qualifies as "sparingly?" (Here’s a tip: don’t eat lean meat! Always eat it with a portion of it’s fat). Shouldn't we be wiser than that? I can't think of anything the Lord would care about more than the tabernacling of His spirit children with healthy bodies - bodies that stand a chance...morally, emotionally, spiritually and in every way. I think Dr. Price has struck on the very essence of what D&C 89 and pretty much every word of scripture is about. 

What say ye?

Recommended Reading: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price, DDS. 

Or get the essence of his research from this video presentation by the president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Sally Fallon Morell. It’s called Nourishing Traditional Diets, and it is riveting.