"Children Are Their Oppressors"

There are many things I wish I had known before the onset of my physical motherhood. I could have done a better job of co-creating the bodies my children are now clothed with. I know all will be made right in the end; that they will enjoy bodies made of perfect materials and in accordance with their perfect blueprint, but for the here and now, I could have made life easier for them (and for me) if I had known better. You don't have to be a genius to observe that part of Satan's plan is to wage war on children by ensuring that their mental, emotional and physical health are compromised. We are seeing something we've never seen before; something that deeply involves and should concern nurturers. That "something we've never seen before" was shoved in my face beginning about 4 years ago and I had to try and figure it out.

My husband and I were blessed with a strong-willed and intelligent child whom we love and admire. But something happened the summer before she entered the 4th grade that woke us up to the fact that her moods and behavior were spiraling out of control. My husband knew a great pediatric specialist who promptly diagnosed her with a mood disorder and she began treatment with psychotropic drugs and regular counseling. We saw little to no improvement and, every day, working with her defiant, contrary moods was exhausting. 

You'd better believe that I was constantly researching what could be causing her behavioral problems and what we could do about it. Little by little, because of the things I was reading, we made changes to our diet. We were already growing a lot of our own vegetables and raising chickens for eggs but we also switched to raw milk and saw improvement. We decided to make the BIG jump to what we thought, at the time, was more expensive, pasture-raised, local meat and saw improvement. We ditched all processed vegetable oils like canola, corn and soy (all modern, highly processed and inherently rancid concoctions), we kicked our former low-fat mantra to the curb, and began cooking with traditional fats like butter, real lard, tallow, and coconut oil. We invested in fermented cod liver oil as a dietary supplement (for its fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K) and saw a huge improvement. And I started making all our bread from glyphosate-free (Roundup free) sprouted wheat.

Today, if you look at my strong-willed, intelligent child, you will see a different creature. She is typically cheerful and helpful. She still has her "special" days that remind me of what it used to be like every single day, but I am so pleased with the change and have a hope for her future I might never have had.

The prophet Isaiah has a knack for speaking to my soul. I may or may not be taking his words out of context, but when he says "...my people, children are their oppressors" I don't just envision university students protesting over their "right" to a free college education. I see a goodly portion of our young people, who we have forgotten how to nourish, plagued by problems that, in turn, make everyone's lives just that much harder.

In his next breath he says, "...and women rule over them." There's this inspiring film about the first female Prime Minister of Israel, called A Woman Called Golda, where some female members of the young Golda Meir's kibbutz are complaining about having to work in the kitchen instead of the "more important" jobs that the menfolk are doing. Golda gets this puzzled look on her face and says something like, "You would rather feed chickens than people?" I have to wonder if sometimes maybe we get duped into believing there is something more important than nourishing those we love; if maybe we want "more important" jobs, etc.

And my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they who lead thee cause thee to err and destroy the way of thy paths.
— 2 Nephi 13:12 (Isaiah 3:12)

The part of Isaiah's declaration that gets me the most riled up is when he concludes, "They who lead thee cause thee to err." 

Who is it that the Latter-day Saints are allowing to lead them into error, and thereby creating the conditions wherein otherwise beautiful and innocent children become oppressors, I WONDER? Rest assured, I don't suggest the Brethren are the ones causing us to err. From where I stand, I see that we are allowing some other entity(ies) to be our leaders when it comes to health and diet. 

I was shocked to see in the pages of the Ensign, February 2014, an article perpetuating the misinformation that saturated fat is "unhealthy" and advocating food that is cholesterol-free. The article wasn't penned by a General Authority; it was written by a well-intentioned LDS medical doctor. Just pages before this particular article was another one called "Get Informed, Get Involved" and it suggested that "Latter-day Saints need to become well informed so they can speak up and engage intelligently in causes that concern them." So, I decided to speak up and write to the editors of the Ensign. I don't even remember what I said, but I hope it was to express my wish that Latter-day Saints would have more common sense than to be mired down by the prescriptions of an establishment that has turned sound reason on its head by preaching that the traditional foods our forefathers have thrived on for millennia are now, suddenly, dangerously unhealthy for us, instead of focusing their condemnation on the adulteration of our food supply and the introduction of non-foods into our pantries.

Who is leading the Latter-day Saints into error? Those who strong-armed the low-fat diet into our every waking thought. Those who are pushing an unwarranted quantity of vaccinations on young and old alike. Those who subsidize and market cheap, extortionist-style food on a massive scale so that you nor I have to dirty our hands in the partnership with the earth that constitutes the feeding of ours and our childrens' bodies.

A people who have been gifted with the companionship of the Holy Spirit of God can do better than to be led by anything other than truth and I am afraid that, for most of my life, I fell prey to the mindset that, if doctors with university degrees are saying it's true, then it must be. It took daily pain, in my face, in the form of an almost unbearable child to make me even want to question what I had been led to believe. 

Not every decent, striving but misguided Latter-day Saint is going to have the same challenges that my husband and I have had. But all one has to do is to walk into a public elementary school to feel first-hand the cumulative "oppression" by children that has never been experienced before to this degree in the form of so much behavioral and emotional illness which cannot be teased apart from real physical degeneration due to the food and medical treatments we are responsible for giving them.        

Modern science has now elucidated the role of nutrient-dense animal fats in preventing mental illness and supporting the focused, goal-oriented behavior needed to confront challenges and pursue a happy, satisfying, and successful life.
— Chris Masterjohn, Weston A. Price Foundation
 Yes, lard from healthy pigs raised on pasture is a miracle food. Our great-grandmothers knew that. 

Yes, lard from healthy pigs raised on pasture is a miracle food. Our great-grandmothers knew that. 

There IS a happy ending to the events Isaiah describes, but it isn't until after a lot of purging out of: falsehood, corruption, ignorance, pride, as well as "evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days" (D&C 89:4). One day we will see things as they really are. But until then, the laws we are subject to concerning these physical, emotional and mental faculties of ours (and our children) will exact the same consequences regardless of whether or not we are correctly informed about them.

What say ye?