The Unholy Sacrament

With all the publicity surrounding the atrocities of Planned Parenthood, I WONDER why we aren't hearing more about those who are actually purchasing America's unwanted young. Who are they and what do they want with aborted fetal cells? It turns out...they are the people who make our "food" and the folks who make our "medicine."

In a post called The King's Meat we discussed how we are in a similar situation to Daniel's, trying to stay healthy amidst the food of Babylon which the Israelite code of conduct forbade him to touch. We talked about how his objection to the food was not that it was inherently unhealthy but that it was tainted by association with idolatry and prepared by strangers to God's law. Let us consider how closely our story aligns with his.

Among the entities bidding for fetal organs is Senomyx, makers of artificail flavor enhancers that allow processed food makers to reduce the amounts of MSG, sugar and salt in their products for greater marketability, using science that isolates human taste receptors. The only clincher requires human embryonic kidney cells. If you are a consumer of products made by Pepsico, Kraft Foods, Campbells' Soup, Solae or Nestlè you are most likely unwittingly partaking of a product for which, had you known, you would conscientiously have nothing to do.*

Pepsico issued a statement to consumers meant to set them at ease, saying:                                       

We hope you are reassured to learn that our collaboration with Senomyx is strictly limited to creating lower-calorie, great-tasting beverages for consumers.

Also unnerving is the fact that many common vaccines are propogated in cells originating from legally aborted human fetuses, according to the FDA. Vaccines like the following: MMRII (Merck), ProQuad (MMR + Chickenpox - Merck), Varivax (Chickenpox - Merck), Pentacel (Polio +DTaP + HiB - Sanofi Pasteur), Vaqta (Hep A - Merck), Havrix (Hep A - Glaxo Smith Kline), Twinrix (Hep A and B combo - Glaxo), Zostavax (Shingles - Merck) and Imovax (Rabies - Sanofi Pasteur). These all contain HEK cells (Human Embryonic Kidney cells).**

As a human being, my stomach is turned. But as a disciple of Christ, I am even more grieved because of what the Sacrament teaches us. We look to the ordinance of the Sacrament as eating and drinking unto eternal life when we worthily partake and honor the covenants associated with it because of what it represents. But with the "food" and "medicine" engineered by companies so religiously attentive to financial gain and so disrespectful of the laws of God in their exploitation of human life, I fear we would eat and drink damnation to our souls because of what it represents about our complicity with society's gross lack of ethics.   

I can think of no better reason to start preparing our families' food at home than to, like Daniel, be assured of its "cleanness." And I will hail the day when we, like Elder Oaks suggesting in a conference address, rely on the healing power of the priesthood more and more in the future. His statement was made in reference to increasing natural disasters and financial challenges; the suggestion that we might choose to rely on priesthood power preferentially over medical interventions due to ethical concerns is my own extrapolation. 

*To verify that Senomyx uses aborted fetal cells, please reference their patent filings; they have filed separate patents for each of the different taste receptors. While there, do a search for "HEK-293" (Human Embryonic Kidney 293 cells)

**The source used for this information is here

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