Satan's Vegan Substitution

From the beginning, Satan has sought to usurp the role of the Son of God. He vied for it in the Council in Heaven, saying "Send me. I will be thy son." (He was already a son, but likely wanted the power associated with being the Son in the sense of being begotten in the flesh by the Father (Moses 4:1) Satan went among the children of Adam and Eve after their parents had taught them the plan of salvation saying "I am also a son of God; and he commanded them, saying: Believe it not" (ie. don't believe the Plan, including the proper role of the Redeemer - Moses 5:13). Later in the chronology, in an encounter with Moses, he said, "Moses, son of man, worship me." (Moses 1:12)

What Satan didn't want was to offer himself as a sacrifice for sin. He proposed a different plan, and I am inclined to believe it was designed around the idea that no-one would have to suffer and die to save anybody else, because he wanted to head up that plan and was too cowardly and selfish to do what a real redeemer would do. There would be no blood shed by him. And even though his plan was rejected, his counterfeit agenda continues.

Jewish tradition holds that Adam and Eve, in their pre-Fall innocence, were clothed in "garments of light" befitting their immortal glory (Alonzo Gaskill, The Lost Language of Symbolism). But once they ate of the tree of knowledge, they would have found themselves stripped of that glory and light and, therefore, utterly exposed, just as we will feel exposed at the final judgement when "we shall have a perfect knowledge of all our guilt, and our uncleanness, and our nakedness"as described by the prophet Jacob (2 Ne. 9:14).

Satan was shrewd enough to point out the fact that they were naked and instantly seized the opportunity to be their patron by suggesting they make apparel out of fig leaves. Juxtapose that against the Lord's solution to provide them with garments of skin. When you consider that the hebrew word for atonement, "kipur," means "to cover," the coats of skins given to Adam and Eve become deeply significant in teaching that Law requires the shedding of blood. Eternal life requires a Sacrifice. Satan's strategy was in line with his original plan; no shedding of blood required in the making of fig-leaf coverings.

Fast-forward to the days of Cain. "Cain loved Satan more than God. And Satan commanded him, saying: Make an offering unto the Lord." (Moses 5:18) But what kind of offering was it? Once again it was one that did not require the shedding of blood. "Cain brought of the fruit of the ground." Was it intended as a message to the Lord that Cain rejected His terms of salvation in favor of Satan's plan? I can only WONDER. 

Can veganism satisfy the demands of telestial law? In the terrestrial status of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve lived that way. But can an exclusively plant-based diet satisfy telestial physiological law? Or are the needs of our fallen bodies indicative of a deeper spiritual truth, that life requires sacrifice...even the shedding of innocent blood?   

What say ye?      

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