The Flesh of Swine

I am a reformed bacon-hater. Granted, you will never see me snacking on stand-alone strips of it. I prefer bits of bacon sprinkled, like magic fairy-dust, on just about anything. Along with my new appreciation for bacon was a curiosity about just why it was that the ancient Israelites were prohibited from enjoying it or any other pork product. Was it because they were so stiff-necked and rebellious they just didn't deserve the amazingness of bacon in their lives? I tended to think so.

There was also a rash of other possible explanations that almost fit the bill, but not quite. For example: pigs weren't very practical for desert dwellers because they competed for both water and grain; pig skin, like human skin, burned easily in the sun (imagine the poor, naked little trotters suffering during the Exodus); pastured pigs raised in the great outdoors are a fantastic source of vitamin D, but there might have been danger of fat-soluble vitamin D toxicity especially among a fair-skinned people already getting ample amounts from sun exposure themselves; pigs are scavengers; and the list goes on and on... 

Just recently I stumbled across a sickening reality...according to those unfortunate enough to verify this, the smell of suckling pig being roasted has been described as very near the smell of burning human children. This isn't so hard to believe considering that, medically, we use swine flesh as the nearest substitue for human in things like organ transplants, as the origin for thyroid hormone, etc. Their physiology happens to be very similar to ours. So what? You ask. It just so happened that Israel was in constant peril of corruption through the idolatrous influence of their neighbors (Canaanites, Ammonites Phoenicians, etc). Heathen worship included the abomination known as child sacrifice to the pagan god Moloch (Moloch bears an eerie resemblance to the golden calf the children of Israel clamored for in Moses' absence).  

The disappointing fact is that Israel fell for the temptation to join with their pagan neighbors in "appeasing" the bull-headed god Moloch and there is ample evidence for child-sacrifice existing in ancient Israel. You will see phrases like "made their children to pass through the fire of Moloch" sprinkled throughout the Old Testament (Jeremiah 32:35 for starters). Even Manasseh, King of Judah "did that which was evil" and followed "after the abomination of the heathen" by making his own son "pass through the fire" (2 Kings 21:6). It is lamented by the prophets of the Old Testament how, after the Lord commanded Israel to cast out the heathen from the promised land,   they became just as wicked or worse. 

Back to bacon. Wouldn't it have been imperative to distance and insulate the Children of the Promise from such a horrid, contorted version of worship. To avoid the sight, smell and every appearance of evil seems, to me, to possibly have been the greatest motive of all for the prohibition against eating pork. Even just touching the carcass of swine was enough to make a person ritually unclean (Deuteronomy 14:8), the same as touching a dead human body would (Numbers 19:11). 

As a point of interest, there are some fascinating parallels between Molek, Ba'al and Kronos (Cronos or Saturn). They all are told to have required the death of children by their worshippers, for one. Kronos is the Greek version of Saturn who, if you will cast your mind back to our last post, was the king planet in a planetary formation that possibly dominated the ancient skies, comprised of Saturn, Venus and Mars. These three, appearing as one awe-inspiring configuration, with the havoc they would occasionally inflict on nearby earth with their strong electrical fields,  could easily have been the inspiration of worship and myth.

                                                Kronos devouring his children

I apologize if anything in this post mars your bacon-eating experience. I invite you to train any disgust you might feel away from pork products and more toward eliminating the various, far more sophisticated ways modern society has adopted in the sacrifice of human life than offering the fruit of the womb to giant, flaming statues. 

What say ye?