What Would Tempt the Israelites to Worship A Calf?

Our most recent podcast was an introduction to the idea that our skies have not always been the peaceful, stable markers of regularity that we have known in the modern era and that there is ample scriptural evidence for future unrest in the heavens. In fact, planetary drama is the perfect explanation for a lot of the elements of ancient mythology as well as some of the otherwise hard-to-explain accounts in the Old Testament. One such account is the story of the Exodus.

The view of the heavens, anciently, appears to have been dominated by a planetary configution comprised of Saturn, Venus and Mars (the Father planet, the Mother planet and the Hero-Son planet) stacked in alignment with the earth's axis so that they appeard to be one massive wheel in the sky.

At midnight, the light of the sun on the underside of Saturn must have been the zenith of it's impressiveness. This could have been what Hebrews thought of as "the throne of God." Saturn was the seat, Venus the shining crown and Mars, seated on the throne, "to look upon like jasper and a sardine stone" (Revelations 4:2-3).

                                                                     A jasper stone

                                                                    A jasper stone

I used to WONDER why John the Revelator would describe the "one [that] sat on the throne" as looking like jasper and a sardine stone (sardine stone is another Mars-like-looking rock). But perhaps both he and Ezekiel (Ezekiel 1:26-28) were describing the same celestial configuration when he told of "the firmament that was over their heads" as being "the likeness of a throne" (Saturn) using phrases such as "the colour of amber" (Mars) and "the appearance of fire round about within it" as well as "the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain" (the shimmer of Venus). Of course that never made sense to me before because it resembles absolutely nothing in today's sky.

I would highly recommend the documentary Symbols of a Alien Sky, which explains how evidence of this planetary configuration is documented and infused in nearly every ancient civilization. Also of interest is the way the electrical field interactions of these planets as they began to shift out of configuration affected strange phenomenon on earth around the time of the Israelite exodus. The waters turning to blood and the other plagues of Egypt as well as the parting of the Red Sea could very possibly be explained in the context of Venus' comet-like behavior in that segment of human history.

So what does this have to do with the Israelites worshiping the image of a calf? Because to all appearances, it was the great image in the sky that was working on their behalf. The image that had the horns of a bull. 

The image of the calf, to the Israelites, represented the power of their own God, the same God that saved them from Egypt. In their minds, I think they were trying to honor Him. But even so...they had been commanded to worship the Living God and not the likeness or image of Him.

When "Moses delayed" in coming down from Mount Sinai, they said to Aaron "Up, make us gods, which shall go before us." With their golden earrings was made a molten calf, and they said to the people, "These by thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt." The golden calf was the unified embodiment of multiple, powerful players (Saturn, Venus and Mars), which were God's creations and not God Himself. The Hebrew tradition is that the calf was "the pedestal of Yahweh" or "throne of God." And the planetary configuration described here is a pretty good fit for why that isn't such a stretch after all. 

Doesn't that make the Israelites seem a little less crazy? Granted, they still missed the mark, but that story sure makes a lot more sense this way.

What say ye?