This is where we tackle the hard questions faithfully and connect with other women who also have questions.  This is where we reason together.  Polygamy?  Women in the Bible?  The rights of women?  Our role?  The pre-mortal past?  The post-mortal future?  The stars and planets in their heavenly orbits?  All things Mormon?  We try to exhaust what God has given to man already and ask, "Is there more I can know?" And we invite you to join us.


Not everything we discuss has to be a hot button topic.  Here you can find links to various gospel subjects that are, we hope, interesting, uplifting, and insightful.  We hope that everyone will find information that helps deepen their faith and expand their understanding of this wonderful Gospel.

Gospel Principles

Women need a safe forum to be able to discuss this misunderstood historic practice in a faith-filled way. It is possible to come to peaceful - even joyful - terms with the plural marriage practiced in the Bible and at the beginning of this dispensation. Have a question? Please ask. We will try to periodically post things that might be of interest for you to consider.


 Are you feeling your worth as a woman in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ? There is evidence of our glory everywhere in the scriptures, ancient and modern and our influence has never been more substantial than it is today. Let us offer you even more reason to celebrate the fact that you are a woman.

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